this comic started 11 years ago as an excuse to put that little 'boop-beep-fighting-words' gag on paper. it was a marginally stupendous partially absolute success with the 4 people who saw it, so i was ordered by my internet friend, Captain Obvious, to make more of them to be put on his web site. the site is now tragically gone, partially due to these comics, and partially due to heroin. you see, the price of heroin went down, so the Captain could no longer pay for both the site's bandwidth and the construction of his under-sea city.
i am hoping, at some point, to make money off this venture, in the same sense that i'm hoping the people responsible for the song "electric avenue" are murdered and left in open graves with dividers around them so people can pee on their corpses in relative comfort. god i hate that stupid fucking song, what asshole greenlit that affront to decency? anyway, because i was stupidly hoping to market these, i cannot really call them 'art' and see no reason to expend energy making them look like anything but shit, so long as the jokes are there. that's the story of the name and the production values.
i'd just like to point out that mayonnaise is not food.